Sunday, 13 September 2015

System Testing

System Testing is a crucial level of testing in which once the entire application is developed it is deployed into the system test environment. It is considered as full pledge testing which includes or covers both functional testing and non-functional testing such as GUI testing, load testing, stress testing, performance testing, security testing etc.
System testing is a black box testing technique and is always done by testing engineers or QA’s. During System Testing phase testing team will be involved to perform testing on the application by executing the test cases considering the entire application as single unit.
Entry Criteria for System testing:
An integration testing of modules should be completed successfully and all the defects encountered should be closed.
Exit criteria for System testing:
All planned test cases should be executed and all encountered defects should be closed.After successful completion of System testing the technical team will deploy the same piece of code into UAT environment.

system testing
System Testing
 Example of System testing:
Testing of online banks internet banking portal which includes various modules like login, balance inquiry, statement inquiry etc and integration modules like call to third party transfer screen, payment gateway etc as single unit.

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