Monday, 6 July 2015

White box testing

White box testing is also called glass box testing or open-box testing or transparent testing or clear box testing or code based testing. White box testing is applicable to Unit, Integration and System level testing.
White box testing mainly focuses on structural part of the source code. It is always performed by the developer or programmers or white box testers. To perform white box testing testers should have strong knowledge of programming languages, implementation knowledge.
In the current software industry, the new concept such as Agile models, DevOps provide the platform for testers to enhance their skills.

Glass box Testing
                White box Testing
  • Find bugs early in software development life cycle
  • Verify the broken or incomplete paths in the code
  • Verify code line by line
  • Helps in optimizing the source code
  • Maximum coverage is achieved
  • Highly skilled resources are required having thorough knowledge of programming languages
  • Requires specialized tools
  • Script maintenance challenges if changes are too frequent

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