Sunday, 26 July 2015

How to calculate Schedule Variation ?

Schedule Variation or Schedule Variance metric is the ratio of difference between the Actual End Date and Planned End Date to difference between Planned End Date and Planned Start Date for the project.
Schedule variation or Schedule variance is the ratio of difference between Actual No. of Days and Estimated No. of Days to Estimated No. of Days.
This metric helps to reduce the schedule variance or schedule variation by tracking it from start to end of the project. It helps to reduce the overruns. It is calculated either at project or stage level. It is calculated when particular stage in the project is completed. This metric gives the variation in the estimated schedule.
How to calculate Schedule Variation :

Planned Start Date
Planned End Date
Actual Start Date
Actual End Date
Actual No. of Days
Estimated No. of Days
Schedule Variation

Schedule Variation= (Actual End Date - Planned End Date) / (Planned End Date- Planned Start) *100
                                   = 1 / 31 *100
                                   =3.22 %

Schedule Variation= (Actual No. of Days -Estimated No. of Days) / (Estimated No. of Days) * 100
                                    = (32-31) / 31 * 100
                                    =3.22 %

Note: The date format used in 07/01/2015 is MM/DD/YYYY

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