Thursday, 2 July 2015

Black box testing

Black box testing also called behavioral testing or input/output driven testing or closed box testing technique. Black box testing focuses on the functional requirements of the software. Black box testing is not an alternative to white box testing. Rather, it is a complementary approach with the intention of uncovering a different class of error than white box testing. Testers concentrate on what the software does; not how does it. It is performed by testers.
Black box testing helps to find errors in following categories:
  • Incorrect functions
  • Errors in data base
  • Missing functions
  • Interface errors
         Black box testing
Black box testing occurs throughout the software development and software testing life cycle.
  • Source code knowledge and access is not required
  • Test cases can be designed immediately after functional specifications are complete
  • Testers can test the application having no knowledge programming language
  • Insufficient testing
  • Writing test cases is difficult

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