Monday, 22 June 2015

Unit Testing

Testing the smallest piece of testable module/unit/software is called Unit testing. As Unit testing requires coding knowledge, normally it is done by developers.
The objective of unit testing is to test smallest piece of testable software in the product or application and separate it from the remainder of the code to determine whether it is behaving exactly as expected or not.
Each unit of code is tested in isolated fashion and then it is integrated into the module to test the module interfaces. Unit testing has proven its value in finding a large percentage of defects during use.
Drivers and stubs are written for unit testing. The driver simulates a calling unit and the stub simulates a called unit. Finding errors in isolated module is much cheaper than in complex integrated module.
E.g. Testing a banking website consists of testing the Login functionality, page submits functionality, and page navigation functionality in isolated fashion is few possible scenarios of unit testing.
module testing_component testing
Unit Testing



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